We share business ideas for which Gel Matic and express blending are common denominator. We give voice to people who live their businesses at first hand and are pleased to tell their own experiences in the express gelato and soft serve world.

Gel Matic Story #5: Fry Chicken – Fast Food Restaurant
Interview with Stefano Celi, “Fry Chicken” owner

“The Fast Food market was born in the U.S.A. and it is met with much appeal especially among the young generations, but also by the Italian families.
We aim at the urban legend of the American fried chicken, revised to include Italian quality and tradition.
We also offer chicken hamburger sandwiches with French fries, made on the spot, cut and fried by ourselves.
Soft serve and milkshake play a very important role, being light products, ideal as a happy end of your meal.
On the other hand, nowadays, for teenagers milkshake has become a substitute meal. You can choose from different flavours and sizes.
For our business, the Gel Matic Combi 2 machine is the top of what the market offers today – a reliable and handy machine, very easy to use. It is excellent because, besides granting a great production capacity, it comes with two dedicated cylinders, one for milkshake and the other for soft serve. It is possible to use four syrups to add flavour to our milkshakes. Moreover, there are four containers, two at room temperature plus other two heated containers, to decorate and garnish both soft serve and milkshake.
The In.Co.Di.S. system allows a total control of the machine, from production to cleaning plus all special functions, such as the heat treatment. This is a low temperature cycle, that can be programmed also at night. That’s how the bacterial load is reduced, so the machine needs to be cleaned less frequently.
With the PFS system, the mixture is prepared directly in the hopper, just following In.Co.Di.S. instructions.”

Stefano Celi