A machine to suit every need

Versatility is one of the strong points of Gel Matic machines.

Designed to dispense any product involving the blending and freezing process, our machines can adapt to all types of business. So many choices: single and two flavour models, with additional ripple flavours, different production methods, assisted dispensing, various control systems, floor standing or countertop design, compact or large dimensions, plus possible personalisations. You are bound to find the perfect machine to meet your specific needs.

Versatility is a feature of all our machines

Machines for the production of gelato, soft gelato and frozen yogurt.

State of the art

Everything is possible with the Giotto range.
Each machine can produce a variety of ice-cream recipes thanks to different viscosity, temperature and overrun settings.

Unlimited production

Power Gel & Pastry Gel
LAB machines designed for workshops, for continuous production of single portions, ideal for many distribution formats.

They do it all for you

Combi 1 & Combi 2
To dispense frozen beverages, milkshake, frappé, ice coffe, thick shake and frozen alcoholic cocktails, in a simple, fast way.

UP technology has never been so high

Gel Matic Self Gel models, are the automatic machines for soft ice cream with assisted delivery.

Because the world of gelato is variegated

Twin flavour machines with a special dispenser that can add three different ripple flavours, always with maximum hygiene and ease of use.
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All Gel Matic technology, the fruit of 50 years in the business

A relationship that begins before any purchase, and continues through time

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