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Gel Matic Story #4: Express blending in the pastry
Interview with Andrea Bonati, “Pasticceria Bonati” owner

“Pasticceria Bonati was born in the mid 1950s. The business was my father’s idea. To begin with, he only produced 20 croissants a day; by the mid-1980s, this figure had risen to 20,000 a day, thanks to our careful selection of raw materials, constant attention to quality and, especially, teamwork. We then diversified our production in the early 2000s, which also involved investing in a new workshop with the addition of high quality gluten-free patisserie products.
We’ve chosen to use two Gel Matic machines. The Pastry Gel unit lets us diversify the production in our lab, while the two-flavour machine in the store provides customers with a direct service.
Gel Matic machines offer many advantages, especially the Pastry Gel machine: this guarantees continuous production, is extremely practical to use and, perhaps most importantly, the resulting product is very fluid, meaning that moulds are easy to fill. In our lab, we’re about to start producing a new line of products – a special type of mousse for take-away patisserie and catering. In fact, our Pastry Gel machine is so versatile that it also lets us produce take-away products. The quality of these products is fantastic, thanks especially to the machine technology and methods of delivery, ensuring lasting, unaltered flavours and aromas. There has been no need to change any of our recipes to suit these new machines, and this has made life much easier. Gel Matic has given us all the advice and technical support we needed, meaning that it has been really easy to learn how to use the machine, and without causing any glitches in our normal production.”

Andrea Bonati