In.Co.Di.S.: technology on a plate.

Our product range also includes simple machines with automatic electromechanical devices to guarantee simplicity of use and maintenance, making these particularly suited for use in difficult conditions.
We have, however, always believed firmly in innovation, better automation and new functions to improvethe efficiency and practicality of our machines.
This belief can best be seen in our In.Co.Di.S. technology (Interactive Control Diagnostic System): an interactive on-line system for managing the automatic machine components. A system that is highly precise and totally self-sufficient.

In.Co.Di.S. guides the ice-cream maker through each stage in the process via a touch screen monitor displaying each adjustable parameter. The communication flow is independent of the language used, as the process is made easier by the use of immediately intuitive icons and symbols.

The customer quickly learns how to use the machine, thanks also to the fact that the same control system is used on many different Gel Matic machines. The operator is assisted at each stage of the process by a self-diagnosis system that can prevent and, in some cases, find the remedy to potential problems.

The LAN and USB ports and Wi-Fi connections allow for remote display of the operating parameters, such as the number of portions delivered and the alarm log.

Thanks to In.Co.Di.S., our machines can even become a valuable means of communication by using, for instance, commercial info as a screen saver.

The future of ice-cream machinery is here today. In Gel Matic machines.