Gel Matic


Gel Matic.

The taste of quality

Set up in 1972 by Giambattista Guerini, Gel Matic has always been an expert in the manufacture of machines for express blending and freezing, a process that requires a sophisticated and advanced technology. Over the years, this vocation has become a true mission, tackled with enthusiasm and passion by the second generation, in the person of Andrea Guerini. By concentrating on a single activity and with the conviction that quality can never be compromised, the company has developed dedicated technologies and processes that enable anyone to produce excellent gelato and ice cream, frozen yoghurt, frozen patisserie desserts, frozen beverages and milkshakes. Quickly, easily and hygienically, saving time and effort. With an excellent investment-to-profit ratio.

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Vision & Values

Making an excellent ice cream will come naturally

Our mission is to create new chapters in the history of gelato, by combining passion and precision, culture and innovation to maintain the standards of excellence that the world has come to expect of the “Made in Italy” label. People are a crucial ingredient if we want to reach this goal. People who believe in the absolute value of quality. People who have chosen to invest in research in order to see continuing development, generation after generation.


Express blending & freezing

Express blending & freezing is the most natural method possible for making gelato, frozen yoghurt, milkshakes, desserts and chilled desserts. The product is served immediately after the blending/freezing process. Freshness is guaranteed thanks to such a short period between production and delivery. The flavours benefits from this too, as it is served at the perfect temperature, between -6°C and -9°C, while the amount of additives used is lower than in other types of ice cream.



Gel Matic does not just conduct its business to achieve its economic goals, but also to ensure it complies with the law and, especially, to act responsibly, adopting a forward-looking approach to guarantee sustainability. To benefit all it partners and customers, and society as a whole.

Social responsability

Gel Matic and the quality of life

Gel Matic adopts an environment-friendly approach at all stages of production. From the recycling of materials to the use of ecological gases and components that help save water and energy. Because Gel Matic is also concerned with the quality of life.