Summer is the time for gelato. Whether in a cone or a cup, gelato is a favourite with everyone, all over the world. For its goodness, its freshness and its high nutritional values, as it provides the perfect balance of protein, fat and sugar. Suffice it to say that a 100g fruit sorbet has just 120 calories and a good dose of vitamins.

This is one of the reasons why gelato, and Italian gelato in particular, is becoming increasingly popular with restaurants and bars, no longer confined to just the gelato stores. It has become a complementary business and an excellent source of income, boosting the profitability of the core business. This is certainly also due to the wide variety of desserts that can be prepared using gelato, to satisfy all palates.
Diversification not only means being able to choose between different types of gelato, such as low-fat gelato or sugar-free varieties, but also to have a wide assortment of gelato based products, such as single-portion desserts rather than a sundae. To be able to offer a wide range to choose from is even more important when one considers modern lifestyles and food preferences, which change from one geographical area to another, even to the point of being specific to one country.
A recent research has shown that this diversification is particularly important for the so-called “Millenials”, i.e. those who were born between the early Eighties and the late Nineties. It is likely to be so for future generations too.
So which are the best machines for this type of business? Gel Matic express blending and freezing machines, of course. These let you produce fresh gelato that is made on-the-spot. It is all so quick and easy. Moreover, thanks to their design, Gel Matic machines take up very little room and fit perfectly into any location. What’s more, they can be personalised and so can quickly become an integral part of the interior decor.
A simple accessory lets you prepare a myriad of different frozen desserts: from cakes to filled pastries, frappé to affogato, even biscuits and waffles with gelato. Not to mention smoothies, milkshakes, finger food and catering specialties.
Then there is an even more healthy alternative to gelato. Gel Matic machines also let you prepare excellent frozen yogurt, that healthy, light pro-biotic product that has just a third of the fat content normally found in gelato.
Frozen patisserie desserts using gelato and frozen yogurt mean a highly profitable business for restaurants, bars and all other activities linked to catering: a real opportunity for those wanting to offer customers delicious nutritious desserts.
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