The gelato universe continues to grow. It is also evolving: self service gelato stores are now a valid new business model guaranteeing high profitability and unprecedented interactivity. Why invest in a self service gelato store? Let’s look at the benefits, starting with the type of business.

In order to open a self service gelato shop all you need is a few Gel Matic express blending and freezing  machines, letting you prepare and dispense excellent ice-cream in a matter of minutes.
A small backroom, or ‘workshop’, is an optional, although we do recommend that there is an area fitted with  topping and granulated product dispensers to decorate the gelato.
Just a few square metres is all you need to open your own gelateria and to customise the fittings to reflect your personality.
Minimal space, therefore, and reduced costs: indeed, during the colder months the store can be manned by just one member of staff, on hand to assist customers.
In addition to the minimal capital invested in opening and running the gelato shop, your energy and water bills will also be tiny thanks to the efficiency of Gel Matic machines.
Other advantages include high flexibility when it comes to managing production, with low inventories and reduced waste, easy management and excellent repeatability. Another particularly attractive aspect is the profitability of this business.
In addition to offering high profit margins, self service gelato stores are fun places for the consumer, somewhere they can interact and personalise their gelato. Each customer creates his own product, dispensing the flavours, and the fresh or dried toppings he wants before paying for it by the weight.
Express gelato produced by express blending machines is dispensed and consumed on the spot. It is a high quality, exceptionally creamy and easily digested product that reflects the true tradition of talian gelato.
Finally, the market. The gelato sector is unaffected by economic recession: indeed, consumption of gelato is very high and actually growing across the world. According to a recent market research study, quality is the first factor when it comes to choosing a gelato.
Then there is the huge increase in demand for healthy, authentic food. This recent trend confirms the widespread success of quality products, not just that of express gelato, in conjunction with the growing popularity of “on the go” food. This phenomenon is catered for by the dynamics and speed of the service in self service gelato shops.
Italian gelato and the self service formula make a winning team.