Express Concept. A brilliant idea for ice-cream parlours.

The ice-cream world is that of sensations: the soft feel of the creams, the fresh tang of the fruit, the colourful decorations and the fragrance of the cone. Sensations that Gel Matic has tried to get across in its Express Concept, the project for new ice-cream parlours with an operator.


Customer attention starts with clear transparent information. We have thus comeup with a new classification system that makes your choice that much easier. Each machine is identified by a code so you can immediatelyunderstand the cylinder capacity, the overall dimensions, the number of flavours, the automatic controls and the production technology.

Gel Matic at SIGEP 2013 with its new trademark.

Gel Matic showed the public several innovations, in form and content, at this, the most important trade fair for our sector. The most visible novelty in terms of form was the new trademark, attracting attention to the stand.