Excellence is the starting point

Gel Matic is constantly intent on improving the quality of its machines. Its development of new components and the inclusion of new materials means it is always adding to its technological know-how and environmental credentials. Certainty for today, and promise for the future. The seemingly simple construction is, in fact, the result of our careful selection of materials, components and processes to ensure excellence. Such excellence is a crucial requirement for machines intended to come into contact with food. At the same time, it is also a guarantee of the highest possible standards of reliability, performance and durability. An understanding of Gel Matic technology, developed over the past 45 years, also explains the trust put in it by its customers and its success on the international market.
All the world appreciates Gel Matic quality. Because it’s tasted it.


Each and every component adds to the whole

Gel Matic machines are tested “in the field” throughout the world in a wide variety of climates and environmental conditions. This means that all machine components are highly reliable and functional, guaranteeing optimised working efficiency and thus productivity. Moreover, the careful ergonomic design of the structure and controls makes the machines particularly easy to use. Gel Matic’s in-depth knowledge of the express blending and freezing process means its machines easily satisfy even the most specific and diverse requirements. Gear pumps that guarantee up to overrun levels to suit individual needs. Advanced refrigerating systems to save water and energy and cut noise levels. Innovative E.Co.S. and In.Co.Di.S. control systems to manage all the operating parameters locally or remotely.



A highly evolved production system using pressurizing gear pumps to ensure the constant consistency of the ice cream, with various different overrun adjustment possibilities, with values of even more than 100%.
The pump has an AISI 304 stainless steel body with just a few parts for easy removal and cleaning, plus PEEK polymer gears for longer life.



The gravity production system has a metering valve that allows the mixture and air to pass into the freezing cylinder, exploiting the law of gravity. This makes for a great product in the simplest and most immediate manner and lets you use any mixture, even those containing small pieces of fruit. With just a few components, our machines are easy to clean.


Bag in Box

The liquid mixture is placed in the refrigerated cabinet at the bottom, thus avoiding all contact with air. Straight-forward, easy gelato production and maximum hygiene. The mixture is drawn up and injected directly into the freezing cylinder via a pressurising gear pump. Topping up the mixture is really fast thanks to the BIB system and ergonomic machine design.



Machines with the GTECH HT function guarantee perfect sanitisation of all the parts coming into contact with the ice-cream. The HT cycle consists of heating the mixture to +65°C and then maintaining it at this temperature for 30 minutes before quickly cooling it down to a storage temperature of +4°C. This minimises the bacterial load and keeps the machine hygiene levels high. Unlike other heat treatments, the HT cycle avoids changes to the organoleptic properties of the product, limits wastage and extends the time before the machine needs to be cleaned, yet still respecting the limits set by health regulations in each Country.



The GTECH PFS system lets you quickly prepare the mixture directly in the tank, thus ensuring better hygiene than in the case of tradition bench-top preparation. The PFS is extremely easy and intuitive: use the touchscreen to set how much water the tap fitted on the tank needs to supply. An adjustable speed mixer ensures perfect mixing of the powder.


Incodis 3.0

The easy-to-use, GTECH Incodis 3.0, exclusive to Gel Matic, has a 7″ touchscreen lets you programme, monitor and trouble-shoot every function on the machine, both locally and remotely. User friendly, thanks to simple intuitive interface and the same style symbols for a “family feel” across the whole range, In.Co.Di.S. has modular menus letting you personalise every parameter.



A control system with a multi-language LCD touchscreen, colour display and 5 capacitive keys for max reliability and impermeability. For straight-forward, total control of the machine, thanks to intuitive symbols for adjusting the parameters such as the creaminess, the temperature and the functioning of the mixer.

Remote Control System

GCARE Connect

GCARE Connect is a revolutionary service that lets you access your machine quickly and easily from a remote location using any device, smartphone, tablet or computer. Technicians can therefore intervene as though they were actually standing in front of the machine, precisely checking its functioning. Perfect for optimising production, this system also allows for easy trouble-shooting. One way Gel Matic supports its customers, even when they are on the other side of the world.

GCARE Connect, the fourth dimension of man-machine relationship.


Refrigerating Systems and Compressors

Gel Matic refrigerating systems are designed and built to guarantee ice cream at the right temperature, even in the hottest climates. And they guarantee this over time, thanks to carefully selected components that let you easily position the machine to get the best possible air flow. The heat exchangers are precisely sized to ensure optimal efficiency and the parts are welded together to guarantee that there is never any leakage. Only the very best components are used, as Gel Matic sources these from world leaders such as Bristol, Dorin, Embraco, Danfoss and Rivacold to guarantee top notch performance in terms of heat and noise.


Motors and Drives

Gel Matic chooses to use only Lafert motors, 100% Made in Italy, to guarantee high performance, even under extreme conditions. Reliability and energy savings go hand-in-hand thanks to the great efficiency of these motors: the beater motors meet IE3 standards of energy efficiency, just like the other power units used on its machines. The mechanical drive consists of a worm screw designed in-house to meet the specific needs of express freezing units and so guarantee silent operation and minimum upkeep.