Our relationship with our customers begins before they even purchase one of our machines and continues through time. We guide our customers in their choices and offer timely and skilled customer support services. This approach to business is in our DNA and gives all our machines added value. For this reason, our customers are never alone, wherever they might be in the world, as they are supported by a large network of importers, direct distributors, associates and commercial partners.  All our partners and resellers receive specific technical training, thereby guaranteeing the excellence of our customer service and making us unique in this respect.

Marketing Support & Branding

Gel Matic offers you the perfect machine for your business, but it is also close to you every step of the way, from the initial choice advice to business optimization tips and machine customization support, aiming at communicating your business identity. Thus Gel Matic machines become real communication tools that not only come in tune with your visual identity, but also transmit information, promotions and special initiatives.

GCARE Connect

GCARE Connect is a revolutionary service that lets you access your machine quickly and easily from a remote location using any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.).  Technicians can therefore intervene as though they were actually standing in front of the machine, precisely checking its functioning. Perfect for optimising production, this system also allows for easy trouble-shooting. One way Gel Matic supports its customers, even when they are on the other side of the world.
GCARE Connect, the fourth dimension of man-machine relationship.


GLEARN is a strategic priority for us and key to Company/Network/Customer relations. A market leader must always take great care over each stage in the process, including its customer service:  Gel Matic views training as a key priority, offering its customers the chance to draw on qualified resources and so guarantee the best possible use of their machines over time.

GCARE Galileo

A portal dedicated to our customers. Registered users can access a number of tools offered by Gel Matic: commercial, marketing, communication and technical material, plus services and information. The portal lets customers manage their machines, make and manage requests for technical support, view technical documents, and monitor service performance. Thanks to GCARE Galileo, the very latest Gel Matic news is always just a click away.