The 46th edition of Soap Box Rally starts with a car dedicated to the gelato brand made in Bergamo

Stracciatella, Bergamo’s Gelato will be partner of the 46th edition of Soap Box Rally, the earliest wooden car race in the world. Its special car will open the race on Sunday 29th April and will give a special taste to the prizes: Enrico ice cream cup, offered by La Marianna of Città Alta, will be the delicious reward for the winning car.

Gel Matic and many other companies in Bergamo supply chain are promoting this project that assigns the paternity of the creation of stracciatella flavour to Bergamo. Stracciatella was invented by Enrico Panattoni, owner of La Marianna, 1961.

Through the retrieval and re-launch of this heritage, the project aims at developing awareness of this belonging among the people of Bergamo, as well as enhancing, in Italy and in the world, the chain of artisan gelato made in Bergamo. To this end, the invention of stracciatella flavour has become a registered trademark, tied to a product specification for its production and to a series of initiatives of promotion and territorial marketing, such as the event Stracciatelling – The Gelato Festival which will be held on Sunday 17th June in Piazza Vecchia (Città Alta).