Ideal for catering premises such as bars, cafés, pastry shops, kiosks and restaurants, the SC line, ultra-compact countertop machines, are suitable for all those operating in confined spaces, yet still wanting to be able to produce excellent, freshly-made soft serve, gelato and frozen yogurt.
These hi-tech gems, single or twin flavour, contain all the best of Gel Matic research and stands out for its elegant vintage design. In fact, their lines are reminiscent of the 1960s, as are the colours, coming in five variants: cream, aniseed, pistachio, strawberry and lemon.
Their ergonomic, essential design makes these machines perfect and easy to position in any location. All these aspects make the SC machines a refined extra decorative feature for your business.
Since they can be customised with your brand, they offer you the chance to communicate your product brilliantly and have max visibility, thus turning the machine into a real means of communication.
In addition to their great design, the machines offer excellent performance, thanks to carefully selected top quality components, as is always the case with the Gel Matic range. You only need a few minutes to produce a rich, creamy product: the liquid mixture passes from the refrigerated hopper to the cylinder together with air. Here it is frozen and blended, dispensing a compact, dry serving very quickly. All this with minimal energy consumption and extremely easy assembly and cleaning.
What’s more, thanks to the In.Co.Di.S. control system it only takes a few touches on the touch screen display to control each function with ease.
Everyone is bound to be amazed by the SC line. So many different recipes can be produced on these machines: from cups topped with sauces, cereal and fresh fruit to delicious single portions, not to mention sundaes, waffles and even cupcakes.
To sum up, these machines are the perfect combination of attractive aesthetics and high performance.

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