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B, M and H differ from each other in terms of the size of the freezing cylinder.
The Cylinder is made from AISI 304 stainless steel with direct expansion system for greater efficiency.


Base production capacity.

1.7 litre freezing cylinder.


Medium production capacity.

2.6 litre freezing cylinder.


High production capacity.

3.5 litre freezing cylinder.

Number of flavours

Gel Matic machines can deliver 1, 2 or 4 flavours.  Double-flavour machines also come in the Plus version (with 2 motors), ideal for frozen yoghurt and, more generally, to guarantee total flexibility when it comes to managing production.





Production is managed by a single mechanical refrigeration system that controls the mean consistency of the 2 flavours; the perfect solution when roughly the same amount of ice cream in the 2 flavours is required.

2 Plus

Double-flavour plus.

Production is managed by two mechanical refrigeration systems ensuring separate control of the consistency and delivery of the 2 flavours; the perfect solution when you need indepedent control of both delivery and consistency.


Four flavours.

Production capacity

Want to know what’s the best production capacity for your business?
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Gel Matic offers you the chance to choose between a countertop version (C) or a wheeled vertical version (V) of the machines in each series so that you can find the right one to suit your production needs, location and space limitations.



Production systems

Gel Matic machines use different technologies: conventional gravity (GR) and gear pump (PM) technology.



The mixture passes directly from the storage hopper into the freezing cylinder.


Gear pump.

A pressurising pump injects a user-controlled air/product mixture into the cylinder.


Precision and resistance under all working conditions are key factors when it comes to the design of any Gel Matic control system, from the simplest to the most advanced. Two circuit types are currently used: the electromechanical circuit and the In.Co.Di.S. (Interactive Control & Diagnosis System) circuit with Touch Screen LCD technology.

Electromechanical system

Simple and straightforward to use and service, this type of system is ideal for difficult working conditions.


Lets you communicate easily with the machine at every stage of production using Touch Screen LCD technology. This system also offers remote diagnostics.

Heat Treatment

The mixture in our HT (Heat Treatment) machines is, as the name implies, heat treated by a refrigeration circuit that is closely monitored and controlled by In.Co.Di.S. The mixture is heated at a temperature of 65° C for 30 minutes and then quickly chilled to the storage temperature of 4° C in order to kill the microbial load.