Pastry Gel by Gel Matic has been specifically designed for frozen patisserie desserts and milkshakes. It comes in two versions offering different output rates, thus letting you optimize time and running costs without sacrificing performance.
Thanks to its special blending/freezing process and pressurizing pump system , Pastry Gel is an indispensable tool when it comes to preparing mixtures for the delivery of a partially frozen product at negative temperatures and with high overrun control. The product texture facilitates the mixture flow smoothly through a special flexible hose dispenser, for easy filling of any mould.
The final chilling process lets you create innumerable ice cream products – on a stick, biscuits, cakes, single portions and semifreddo.
No more limits when creating frozen patisserie desserts thanks to Pastry Gel. The Pastry Gel Plus version also lets you produce excellent milkshakes in just a few seconds.

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